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Who We Are

With so many day spas offering every possible service available, it is impossible for them to master any one service.  At Luxe Body Wraps, our main focus is on infrared body wraps and infrared body wraps only.  We put in years of study and different techniques to master the infrared body wrap.  With Luxe Body Wraps, you can expect results.  

Benefits of our Infrared Body Wraps

Our infrared body wraps are geared towards anyone who desires to lose weight, reduce inches throughout their body, add shape to their body, and also even out skin tone.  Got a vacation coming up?  Our body wraps will have you slim and trim so you can flaunt that beach body.  Need to fit into a tight dress?  A single body wrap can have you wearing that dress as soon as you are out of the wrap.  Results are immediate. Our infrared body wraps are not just for someone who is out of shape or needs to fit in to a dress.  Actually, a great deal of our customers are in the fitness industry and utilize our body wraps to stay lean year around.  Whether you are struggling with a pre-contest cut or have an upcoming photo session, our body wraps can offer a relaxing way to lower body fat while providing muscle healing therapy.

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Its time to stop wasting time on fad diets and other weight loss solutions that fail to show any results.  Our infrared body wraps guarantee results you can actually see.